Tlingit Place Names and Words of the Day 1

my first "Tlingit Word of the Day" tweet
As I continue my small efforts to promote Lingít, (the Tlingit language), I've begun to occasionally post Tlingit place names or other "words of the day" to Twitter and Facebook. This is my first compilation of the posts I've done so far, and hopefully there will be many more to come.

Tlingit place name of the day: Kichx̱áan X̱ʼáak—Tongass Narrows (literally "Ketchikan Ravine"). It's ironic that the story of the City Council's ferry endorsement is next to a story of a ferry breaking down in the middle of Kichx̱áan X̱ʼáak.

Tlingit place name of the day: Sik.héeni—Carlanna Creek in Ketchikan (literally "Black Bear Stream"). The áa (lake) that feeds Sik.héeni is dammed, but it has a lovely trail!

Tlingit place name of the day: Sdéini Héeni—Staney Creek (literally "Sdéini's Stream/Creek") on Taan (Prince of Wales Island). My family is going camping at Sdéini Héeni this week.

Tlingit word of the day: dóosh—cat. Apparently there was a dóosh killed in the U.S. Army attacks on Ḵéex̱ʼ Ḵwáan villages in 1869, so Tlingit must have encountered them and kept them around by that time.

Tlingit place name of the day: Wòotsàag̱áa Xʼàayi—Point Higgins (literally "Cane Point"). There's a lovely elementary school at Wòotsàag̱áa Xʼàayi.

my most recent "Tlingit Word of the Day" tweet

If nothing else, these tweets and Facebook posts have helped me remember more Tlingit. (I was perpetually forgetting the word for cat, so I shared it.) I've gotten nice responses from friends on both sites, but I hope I'll receive more attention soon, particularly on Twitter, where the hashtag #Tlingit doesn't seem to get much attention yet. The Internet and "new media" in general offer critical opportunities to promote indigenous history, knowledge, and language, and I'll keep pursuing those opportunities as best I can.