Non-Profitization of Major Corporations

Walmart is arguably the world's
largest company.
Here's a brief, rough, unpolished, and unevidenced thought: (You get the idea.)

One small change to how the world economy is structured could make a big difference in bettering democracy and achieving greater economic justice. All I propose is as follows:

All of the huge, multinational corporations around the globe should be beheaded. These major corporations should be forced to become non-profits.

The idea is simple: Create an international mandate to remove owners, investors, and shareholders from a select number of the world's largest companies. Leave everything else intact. All of the profits that these huge companies generate from then on—profits that otherwise would have gone to owners and shareholders—will instead be passed on to employees, consumers, or charities in the form of higher wages, lower prices, or donations.

The companies can continue to invest in themselves to further their interests, but their beheading, so to speak—or their "non-profitization"—would redirect their massive profits toward common people, rather than financial elites.

Yes, I know this idea is outrageous, impossible, or both, but I just wanted to write it down as a thought. Let me know what you think.