The Reason I'm an "Undeclared" Alaska Voter

Alaska voter registration political affiliation options 
"Undeclared" is the most popular political label in Alaska. According to these statistics, almost 37 percent (181,979) of Alaska voters are "undeclared," almost as much as Republicans and Democrats combined (202,237).

When you add those who choose the label "nonpartisan," a full 53.8 percent of Alaska voters (266,072) refuse to register with any political party or group.

While others might try to analyze why this might be the case, I would simply like to share my thoughts. I'm an Alaskan who chose to check myself "undeclared" when I registered to vote. Here's why:

I can't think of myself as "nonpartisan." I clearly choose sides on political issues, and I'll support whatever side I agree with, so I reserve the right to be partisan.

I am also not necessarily an "independent" voter, as the media often labels us, even if that term isn't an official option in Alaska. I will join with groups that support the same cause as me; I don't need to believe I'm a lone individual who has a unique stand on every issue.

Ultimately, the reason I am registered "undeclared" is because I believe that if there was a political party in my region, state, or country whose principles largely aligned with mine, I would join that party enthusiastically and quickly.

As of right now, however, no such party exists—but I'll hold out hope that one could exist in the future.