Collection of Posts for Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American Heritage Month in the United States, and I figured I should share a selection of my blogging on indigenous knowledge, history, and education. Without further elaboration, here's my selection of posts:

Maps That Infuriate Me: European Claims to North America
Percentage of Indigenous People in Each Territory, Province and State
Mapping Indigenous Autonyms Coast to Coast
Mapping Indigenous Autonyms in Canada

Quick Alternate Histories: A Post-Beringia Pre-Columbian Migration
Two Research Ideas from Northwest Coast-North Pacific History

College assignments:
Movement, Diffusion, Diversity and Stateness: North American Historical Patterns Before 1519
Native Worlds of New Spain: The Diversity and Power of Indigenous Communities in Colonial North America

An Indigenous/Non-Indigenous or Western/Non-Western Art Dichotomy?
Visiting 'Ksan in Hazelton, British Columbia
Red: A Haida Manga and the Possibilities of Graphic Novels

Why Black Bears and Brown Bears Aren't "Bears"
Will the Redskins Change Their Racist Name Soon? They'd Better.

A Future Beyond No Mascots: A Vision for Indigenous-American Relations
Indiana: Thoughts on Indigenous Revitalization