Vote Independent — Walker and Ortiz

combination Walker/Mallott-Ortiz sign I made
I submitted the following letter to SitNews and the Ketchikan Daily News about two weeks ago, but forgot to post it here for good measure. In any case, it's three days till election day now, and if you haven't voted already, you'd better vote by Tuesday!

Vote Independent — Walker and Ortiz

If there’s anything present American politics teaches, it’s that the party system has failed us. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have been able to set the country on the right track. It’s no wonder George Washington, James Madison, and other Founding Fathers were opposed to political factions. When it comes to balancing budgets, protecting good jobs, making smart healthcare decisions, providing for children’s future, and so many other issues, we need leaders who can move beyond partisanship and rigid ideologies.

Bill Walker and Dan Ortiz are two men who exemplify that kind of leadership. Governor Parnell and the state legislature have sent Alaska spiraling into deficit to the tune of $7 million a day. We need Bill Walker in the governor’s mansion and Dan Ortiz in the state house to turn back this kind of irresponsibility. Both men are intelligent, rational, and independent leaders. They look at our economy and politics with realistic views, not through a tinted ideological lens. Once in office they will listen to all Alaskans, not a party base.

Please join me in voting for Bill Walker for governor and Dan Ortiz for state house on November 4th, independent candidates for Alaska.

Peter Stanton
Ketchikan, Alaska