Two Types of Newcomers to Ketchikan

I've been living back in my hometown of Ketchikan as an independent, out-of-college adult for two years now. In that time, my wife and I have gotten to know a fair number of newcomers to Ketchikan: The town has a pretty high turnover rate for a large portion of residents, whether they work for the Coast Guard, the hospital, in the visitor industry or elsewhere. After some observation and though, I feel I can place most newcomers to Ketchikan in two markedly different categories:

1.  There are those who figure out that Ketchikan is a very limited place, a place that won't give them the opportunity to fulfill their goals and aspirations. They plan out how much time they expect to spend here, and then enjoy that time as best they can before they quickly leave and move on with their lives.

2. There are those who figure out that Ketchikan is an incredibly exceptional place, a place that allows them to live a lifestyle they love, perhaps even that they never knew they wanted. They enjoy discovering all the opportunities for fulfillment the community has, and quickly become locals along with the rest of us.

Perhaps newcomers to any community could be sorted into categories like this, but I think it's rather remarkable how I seem to know so many people who have either had their fill of Ketchikan right away or completely fallen in love with it. As for my wife and I, we're open to moving somewhere else to advance our careers or have new adventures, but both of us love Ketchikan, and we know it'll always be our home.

This is Connell Lake, which my wife and I recently hiked along
and camped next to—just another Ketchikan experience.