Three Days of Stockholm Tunnelbana Travel

I have a thing with metro and tram systems. My fascination really grew serious in Strasbourg, where I ended up visiting all of the tram stations within the first month of my college semester there. I then turned my focus back onto the metro in Washington, D.C., and I created a map to track my travels on it during my senior year at Georgetown.

A few weeks ago my wife and I went on our honeymoon (nearly a year after our wedding) and visited Sweden, Norway, and Iceland together. Our first stop was Stockholm, and we bought ourselves 72-hour passes for unlimited travel on the Stockholms Lokaltrafik network. Mostly, we used the Tunnelbana ("tunnel rail") metro system. Here's the map of where we went:

three days' travel on the Stockholm Tunnelbana

Stockholm is a beautiful city, and using the Tunnelbana was an awesome way to get around it. The map above may not look that impressive, but I think we definitely got our money's worth from the 72-hour cards, and saw much of the center of the city, as well as some of the outskirts. I hope we'll get the chance to go back and see even more!