Unsecured and Freely Available Guns Kill People

Unsecured and freely available guns kill people. It's a scientific fact.
  1. Crazed people commit acts of violence around the world. There are few places, however, where crazed people have freer access to firearms than the United States. Firearms allow violent and mentally unstable people to become far more dangerous.
  2. Gun accidents have killed hundreds and thousands of Americans, and many many fewer would have died if guns weren't so ubiquitous and unsecured here. An average of 62 children under age 14 have died every year due to gun accidents for the past several years in the U.S., most of them in their own homes, most of them because adults did not secure their firearms.
  3. Studies show that suicides are far more likely to be completed if there unsecured guns in the person's home. Just a lock on the gun case makes suicide less likely to happen—and no, you can't say "Well, a suicidal person will just find another way," because suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts don't work that way.
It's a disgrace to humanity that so many Americans can't face up to these facts and admit that something must be done. Doubtless, thousands more people will die from guns in attacks, accidents, and suicides in the United States before anything will change.