My Electoral College Prediction: 329 to Clinton, 209 to Trump

It is a little after 1:00am on Election Day morning in Alaska, so it's time I published my prediction for the results of the presidential election before any real results arrive this evening. Using the great tool at, here is my prediction:

I don't pretend to have any special skill in making this prediction; I made my guess rather quickly, just based on what I've been seeing in the news lately and my gut feelings.

Clearly, I believe Hillary Clinton will win in an Electoral College landslide. The popular vote may be much closer, but she should almost certainly become our next president. You may note that this guess is almost exactly the same as the result of the 2012 election, with the only exception being that President Obama took Ohio in 2012 and Mitt Romney took North Carolina, while I believe Hillary will take North Carolina and Trump will take Ohio. This difference gave Obama three more electoral votes (332) in 2012 than I'm predicting Clinton will win.

I won't elaborate much on my choices, but my gut tells me there won't be any stunning upsets of Clinton winning red states only recently suggested to be in play—states like Arizona, Georgia, and even Alaska. However, I do think Clinton will win every swing or battleground state besides Ohio.

In less than twenty hours, our nation will likely know the presidential election results. I'm excited to see what happens, and I promise I won't take down this post, even if I end up embarrassingly wrong. Post-election analysis will definitely follow on this blog!


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